Tips on WhatsApp Prevent Inedible Spam Messages - WhatsApp 2019

Whatsapp 2019 | WhatsApp is one of the platforms share the message of the most popular in the world. Unfortunately, the number of WhatsApp users utilized the hands of nosy to spread spam messages contain scams to hoax that mislead the user in the platform. A number of users WhatsApp was shocked by the variety of spam messages in the platform. One of the latest is fraudulent deals voucher prizes in the name of fast food restaurant.


Tips on WhatsApp Prevent Inedible Spam Messages - WhatsApp 2019

In addition, it was crowded also the emergence of the message contains a bug in the application share the message that could potentially damage the smartphone. In that message, there is a symbol hidden in between the spaces in the form of malware. When pressed, the impacts can be diverse, ranging from hang hang up causing the bootloop.

For that, the WhatsApp users need to be careful in doing the action if at any time faced with such a situation. Here are some tips to avoid the messages of spam not to get eaten by him,

Check Every Word On The Book

One thing that is arguably the most easy to do. WhatsApp users need to check every word on the book that is considered offer suspicious or presenting information bombastic.

This is done to determine whether there is a lot of writing errors in there, such as the use of words that are provocative and seem redundant, or the use of capital letters that does not fit its place. In addition, the relationship between the contact send with style are also noteworthy.

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Every person has the style of the language, each speak on the application share the message. In this regard, it is important for the user in studying the style of language a friend in list contact. If at any time the style is suddenly changed, the user should be wary because such a message could be potential spam.

Wise to Digest the Contents of the Message

Kala the user get a message with an attractive appearance, for example, offer a gift, do not rush to believe it. Hoaxes, scams, or spam messages to other is usually wrapped as attractive as possible so it gets attention for the recipient, in fact rarely made too good to be a reality. This was done so that the message is not bypassed so only by the recipient. Therefore, it's good to stop for a moment and think whether the contents of the message seem too 'pretty' or not for an offer or information.

Avoid Messages that Ask for Personal Information

This so one of the most important things to do. Do occasionally provide personal information to a link that is listed on the suspicious message, whether it's credit card numbers to birth dates. Furthermore, it's also not suggested to download attachments that are deemed suspicious. The attachments are also potentially save malware or virus in it and can damage the computer so download.

Beware of Deals on Behalf of the Company

If there is a book containing interesting offers, such as sweepstakes prizes or free vouchers on behalf of a company, there is a good review first. Although not rule out the possibility that the message is true, but the potential for spam remains there in it.

One that needs to be done is the search for information relating to the offer. If the company concerned does not list these deals on various social media platforms or the official website of hers, then likely it is a fraud.

Report Spam

WhatsApp gives an option for the user to report a contact not known that delivers a message. If the sent message is indeed spam, there are good features that are utilized by the user.

In addition, the platform founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton are also reportedly preparing a feature penangkal spam messages. The feature referred to is intended to overcome the spread of spam and viruses through chain messages.

Later, the user will be a notification that says a message has been forwarded many times. Unfortunately, since the news is sticking out at the beginning of this year, the WhatsApp has not yet given an official statement if these features are already officially released until today.

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