WhatsApp Business Began To Spread - WhatsApp 2019

WhatsApp 2019 | Innovation WhatsApp still continues. The instant messaging service is starting to spread that name is WhatsApp Business. As the name implies WhatsApp Business intended for users who want to use WhatsApp for the benefit of the business. WhatsApp Business will act as an answering to the question posed by the consumer. WhatsApp Business will be the platform of customer service for the business.


WhatsApp Business Began To Spread - WhatsApp 2019

WhatsApp Business 2019 The   of this that will not be found in the regular version. The first is, the user can register a telephone number of fixed-line in WhatsApp app Business. While in the regular version only mobile number that can be used.

But WhatsApp will not be the origin of the received telephone number of fixed line registered. Will verification, to ensure that the registered number is a property related business. How this is done to ensure that one phone number represents the particular business. So there is no duplication of business phone numbers.

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As proof of verification, the WhatsApp Business will employ a green check in the name of the business user. Other advantages of WhatsApp Business is that the user can answer the conversation using the features replies text. With so any messages that are mean can be directly responded to.

Users can also schedule your replies text. For example, when there are consumers who send a message outside of operating hours, the replies text will be answered so that the consumer return the call the next day. WhatsApp Business also thrusting a kind of statistical reports. From there the user will get information how many incoming messages, or how many consumers are 'visiting' every day.

Current status of WhatsApp is still in beta. While only the user who registered as a beta tester you can now download. Has not been caught when the WhatsApp Business released freely. As a differentiator logo WhatsApp Business using the letter B in the middle. Whereas in the regular version, WhatsApp pinning the phone icon.

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